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Security Services

According to the 2020 Internet Crime report, there were 91,790 complaints of suspected internet crime which is an increase of over 300,000 complaints from 2019, with reported losses exceeding $4 billion.

Level 3 Protection wants to help everyone have a safe and fun online experience. We offer services from basic antivirus, full cybersecurity suites, managed services and more! How can we help you?

What service do you need?

  • Antivirus
  • Great for indiviuals, families, and customers looking for just protection.

Managed Services

  • Mobile Device Management
  • Manage devices, deploy apps, monitor location and more with Mobile Device Management. See how to sign up or how we can help with your estabilshed MDM platform.
  • Managed IT Services
  • Level 3 Protection can manage all of your endpoints. We provide Advanced Protection and backup. We will also monitor you endpoints for abnormal behavior.

Need to protect, monitor and control apps on your mobile devices? Level 3 protection offers services that will allow you to do just that. From initial setup to support, Level 3 Protection is here to help. We can even manage the devices for you!

Have a business or office with computers that need protected? Level 3 Protection IT Solutions provides Managed IT services to keep you productive and safe. Find out how we can help you!

Other Services

Need other services you don't see listed? Level 3 protection has other services we can help you out with. Work from home, VPN, local and cloud services and more! And if you don't see a service listed that you need, let us know! Even if we are unable to fix the issue, we will get pointed in the right direction.

Other Services

  • Work from home
  • Need to work from home? We offer a solution!

  • VPN Services
  • Level 3 Protection has partnered with NordVPN to provide you with acces to a VPN service for a low price.

  • Other cloud and local services
  • Local computer and server installation, local and remote computer cleanups, and other technical support and more are all available from Level 3 Protection IT solutions.

See how our services can help you.

How we protect you

We Manage Your IT

Level 3 Protection will monitor all covered devices for threats, hardware failures, and any activity that is unusual.


We offer unlimited Email and specialized Helpdesk services, as well as remote and onsite* services. Any support not covered on your contract will be charged at your discount rate.

3 Levels of Protection

Our services provide Patch management, Advanced Antivirus Protection, and Advanced Backup. Level 3 Protetion also resolves all vulnerabilities as they are found.

Acronis Authorized Service Provider

How our Cybersecurity as a Service works

Self Managed

Trying to save costs on IT? We can provide you with all the tools you need to keep things up and running smoothly.

IT Teams

Part of an IT team that needs to centralize everything to one console? CaaS has you covered. Don't forget to look into the advanced packs to make management even easier!

Managed Services

Don't want to mange your devices yourself? Let Level 3 Protection take care of it for you. Our MSP services offers CaaS with the Advanced Protection for all covered devices.

Acronis Authorized Service Provider

How we help you with Mobile Device Management

Per Incident

If you already have MDM setup, but need some technical support, Level 3 Protection has you covered.

Initial Setup

New to MDM? Let us get you started. We can help you get setup on one of our supported platforms.

Managed MDM

Don't want to mange your mobile devices yourself? Let Level 3 Protection take care of it for you.

We also offer discounts for customers with more than 25 devices.

Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources to help with some basic IT issues.

Helpdesk login for our MDM, CaaS, and other service customers.

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Customer portal to pay invoices, see estimates and more.

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