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Company Information

How we started

L3P Productions started in 2013. Starting out as a mobile device screen repair and basic IT services company, we also built video games, programs and websites for our clients. During this time we noticed an increase in cyber attacks, ransomware issues and more. For the last several years we have been retooling and working towards providing our cusomters with a secure environment.

Where we are now

As of 2019 L3P Productions moved towards a managed IT services role. Providing customers with continuous IT support without the high costs associated with an on staff IT team. We also supplement IT teams with additional help, cybersecurity as a service, and other ways. We also now provide cloud backup and storage and disaster recovery to keep our customers secure, running, and with known good data.

Mission Statement

Our Goals

We want to provide our customers a safe and fun browsing experience. We encourage and practice security, and provide other tools businesses need to keep them running, secure, and profitable.

The Technicians

Who we are.

Ryan Stults

Director of Managed Services

Ryan has been working in the IT field for over 15 years. Working in helpdesk environments, as an on premises technician, deskside support, security and networking roles, and more. Ryan takes pride in doing a good job, effectively and effciently. He will work to resolve all your technical issues and keep you running.

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Greg Turner Level 3 Protection Owner


Associates in Information Systems

Greg is an experienced Mobile Device Manager, as well as an established IT professional. With over 10 years experience in IT, Greg will find a resolution. With the goal to provide our customers with the best experience, Greg has been praised for his customer service skills and professionalism, while still satisfying his customers.
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Helpdesk login for our MDM, CaaS, and other service customers.

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